The introductory concept video of Zooly

A demo of the interface prototypes we created for Zooly

At the beginning of our project, we explored various directions related to household informatics and data visualization.  This is one of 3 user experience storyboards we made and the last image of appliances "sleeping" is what ultimately inspired our idea for Zooly.

APPLIANCE STATES: One of our goals for this project was to figure out how to visually communicate the health of an appliance at first glance.  We came up with four common states - health, sick, vampire, and ghost - and took inspiration from anime and cartoon drawings in expressing those conditions.

ZOOLY DASHBOARD: The dashboard visualizes all of the appliances that have been added to Zooly thus far.  Users are able to swipe left and right to see their appliances.

APPLIANCE PAGE: Zooly will provide maintenance/energy tips on how to better manage a specific appliance, such as replacing an AC's filter or unplugging a vampire toaster.  It will also tell you how much it will cost you to use the appliance during off hours and peak hours and how well it performs in comparison to a standard appliance on the market right now.



Developed with Sunnie Sang over 4 weeks for our Crafting Interactions course, Zooly is an informative energy tracking app for household appliances. We propose that it be provided by local power companies as a way to help families conserve energy and money and have built the app off the concept of energy disaggregation, which takes a whole-home energy signal and separates it into its component appliances.  

Zooly puts a playful spin on energy tracking by visually personifying home appliances as living, breathing pets in a menagerie of sorts.  They can be healthy, sick, a vampire, or a ghost and hopefully, they prompt the owners to be more mindful of the way they use their appliances.  In our prototype, we specifically focused on 3 parts of the Zooly experience: 1) how to add a new appliance 2) how to monitor all appliances 3) how to look into a specific appliance.

Skills: Research, Concept Design, UX Design, Visual Design, Keynote Prototyping, Storyboarding, Video-editing 


paper prototyping

first sketch of appliances

paper prototyping to show UI states

sketches and notes for how to add an appliance

sketching out the UI

appliance page sketches

appliance page sketches