Apps often hide content in blue web links that don't do a good job at revealing to users what's in them. The Wildcard iOS SDK is a free kit for third-party developers to transform those blue links in their apps into content-forward, native cards that are customizable, don't push users out of the app, and ultimately provide a more consistent link-viewing experience. I designed the card layouts for the SDK and created the marketing video above that was shared publicly by the company.

Unrelated, but fun side note: something I've always wanted to do is design a 404 error page, because it's where the design and the company's brand personality can shine. Here's one of the explorations I did for Wildcard.



As a freelance product designer, I learned from and worked closely with their talented design team and took on different design responsibilities--from video-editing to illustration design to UX.

Specific projects I worked on included designing the card layouts for their Wildcard SDK, the content management system for their in-house editor, and supporting experiences like their 404 page, email digest layouts and SDK documentation and landing pages. 

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Skills: UX Design, Visual Design, Video editing