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Tweets about the topics and people you care about are surfaced to the very top, so you never miss them or have to work to find them.

This project was done in collaboration with another designer, Tina Koyama. Together, we worked closely with research, content strategy, product, and engineering to understand what user controls to provide as we introduced ranking and how best to message this new change. 

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Launched on iOS, Android and Web. 



Make it easier for users to find and get to high-quality content that they care about.

I was the primary designer on this project, working closely with product, data science, and engineering. My focus was to define the ideal user experience for how people read and interact with the timeline. This included designing how the timeline loads, communicates errors, groups content together, surfaces conversations, and helps users pivot to other spaces.

Shipped experiments on Android, iOS, and web. 



See the surrounding activity of the people you follow, beyond just their Tweets.

I was the primary designer on this project, working closely with product and engineering. This helped users, especially new and light users, who don’t normally see high quality content in their timeline. It also removed the burden of having to have the right accounts to follow and ensured users wouldn't miss out on content that would have been relevant.

Launched on iOS, Android and Web.

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Easily see what events or conversations are happening now on Twitter (targeted to your interest).

I was the primary designer for this. This started off as a tiny seed project with my product manager, in response to user problems we were hearing about not easily being able to discover live events happening on Twitter. I designed and built the first prototypes of the experience in xcode. We eventually got an engineering team funded for it and shipped a series of experiments to validate our vision before rolling out more publicly.

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Launched on iOS and Android, starting with sports in the US.


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Prior to Sisu, I was at Twitter for a little more than 3 years, as a product designer on the Home Timeline. In that time, I built a lot of things and learned how to design at scale for millions of people. What I’m most grateful for is the relationships I got to build along the way with other designers, product managers, engineers and researchers.

Here are a few projects that I shipped at Twitter.