Above is a talk I gave on Carebook. 

Below is a discussion with my thesis instructor and my classmates on the process behind it all.


In the final year of the SVA IxD program, each student gets the opportunity to pursue a thesis project that is in a field of their choosing and is meant to be a pointed exploration of interaction design’s role and potential in the world. 

Given personal experiences, I was certain I wanted to focus on healthcare. That said, I had no idea what part of healthcare I wanted to study or what to build. So, in my first few months, I tested and prototyped many ideas and did many interviews with engineers, doctors, nurses, patients and researchers in this space.


Onboarding flow

Full experience



Prototype: Patient Passbook, a family-centric booklet that is located at the patient’s bedside and allows doctors, nurses, loved ones and patients to collectively document the patient’s general well-being, activities or status throughout the entire care cycle.

To figure out the nurse-doctor-patient experience, I ran a role-playing exercise with my classmates.

Prototype: A video concept for a beacon-enabled and context-aware communication system for doctors and nurses in a hospital


With limited direct access to hospitals and knowledge in the processes in how doctors, nurses and administrators work, I conducted user interviews with doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, nurse navigators, patients, researchers, and engineers in the space. Every time, I gleaned overwhelming amounts of new information from these and to parse through it, I would draw out the flows they told me about and do post-it mappings to better uncover underlying themes.




Graduate Thesis Project

Carebook is a mobile app for hospital patients and families to easily manage and prepare for medical appointments.

As today's healthcare system strives toward delivering high quality patient care while reducing spending costs, it's becoming increasingly important for healthcare professionals to engage with patients in meaningful ways. One way to do so is to give them access to medical data that's useful and easy to understand. 

Carebook will give patients the information they need to feel aware and prepared going into procedures and treatments. Unlike digital patient portal services or other patient mobile apps, Carebook leverages outside data to complement one's personal medial information and is designed with both patients and their loved ones in mind. By sharing medical data in a way that is approachable and human, Carebook is the foundation for a growing platform that empowers people to become advocates of their own health. 

You can read about my thesis process and journey in depth here.

Skills: User Research, Storyboarding, Wireframing, User Scenarios, Prototyping, Visual Design, Strategy