As the final project for our Cybernetics: Design of Systems course, I developed a proposal to improve upon the email marketing proofing system of a fashion start-up I had previously worked for. With 120 emails to produce and proof each month, their small creative team is often overwhelmed. The proofing process is long and tedious - each email must be approved by signature from all team members at every level before launch - and the launch deadlines are hard to meet.

After mapping and analyzing the system, I proposed 2 workflow fixes to increase communication and efficiency:

1) To promote greater conversation, merge selected levels in the process together. By nudging the corresponding approvers to meet together - and to subsequently unify their ideas of how a final email should look - this eliminates an extra level of revision in the proofing process while also preventing drastic, last-minute conceptual or layout revisions.

2) Implement specific deadlines for each level to finish proofing an email, depending on their task and placement in the proofing process. This would ensure steady progression of the proofing process and allow the team to better meet their deadlines.  

Skills: Sketching, wireframing