One of the products I sold was a 5x7" print pack of all the illustrations I made of famous modern architectural buildings.

For architecture fans, Archigrams work well as prints and visual references.

For those who want to learn more about architecture, the back of the prints come with information about the building that every architect knows.

In addition to the 5x7 print pack, Archigrams is available in poster format.



Archigrams is a set of 10 whimsical and informative print designs of modern architecture's most iconic buildings.  This idea of pairing simplified building drawings with their architectural descriptions came to me, while I was an architecture student at UCLA studying for my architecture history exams. I later revisited this idea and developed it into a design product to sell for my Entrepreneurial Design class at SVA. My hope is that it can serve as both an art collectible and quick and dirty learning tool.

To help fund production costs, I launched this project on Kickstarter in April 2014 and was able to raise more than 300% of my $3000 goal within 14 days. It was featured as Kickstarter's Project of the Day and on various design blogs and sites, including Fast CompanyArchitect MagazineFlavorwireUnBeigeShortlist and Architects and Artisans.

After spending my summer nights and weekends working to produce and package Archigrams (alongside a full-time internship!), I have since completed shipping to all my backers and launched an online shop at In total, the whole process from concept development to product shipment took about 7-8 months. You can read about my successes and failures as a first-time design entrepreneur here.

Skills: User testing, Visual Design, Physical Prototyping, Social Media Marketing, Product Management


Prior to arriving at my final idea of Archigrams, I explored various directions and prototypes.  This included tangram building blocks that come together to make famous buildings, tangram magnets, and colorful flashcards - all of which I shared publicly with architects, architecture students and the general public to gauge interest and gather feedback. 

Prototype 1: educational flashcards of different buildings.   Architecture fans loved the designs, but hated the idea of "flashcards."  They expressed interest in more tactile ways of learning i.e. blocks. 

Prototype 2: foam core tangram pieces that assemble to form the buildings illustrated in the flashcard.

Protoype 3: tangram pieces in acrylic

Prototype 4: magnetic tangram pieces

Prototype 5: prints with info in the back.  I decided to revisit my first idea, after realizing I would not have the resources or time to fully develop my block idea within my class' deadlines.  The challenge after that was figuring how to reframe my concept in a more appealing way. It turns out that the idea of presenting architecture history in bite-sized pieces was successful, so long as they're not labeled as "flashcards" or prescribed with any specific use case.

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